7 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Theme Music”

  1. Lee Madge says:

    It’s “…black or white, rich or BROKE” not “poor”

    The clue is in the next line “we’ll cut prices at a STROKE”

  2. Darren says:

    I thought it was “…but HE’S the one WHO’S drivin’ me beserk”, not “…but HERE’S the one THAT’S drivin’ me beserk”. The former makes more sense (to me, anyway!).

    • Nick D says:

      I always thought that too, but it is “here’s” as in “here’s the MYSTERY that’s driving me beserk: why do only fools and hourses work?” Does make sense in the context of the previous few lines, but I agree it does sound a bit odd.

  3. Roy Slater says:

    I’ve listened to this a few times now and its really really catchy
    Its like a cross between The Smiths and Depeche Mode

  4. Johny says:

    What a great video – I’d never, ever come across these before.
    Keep them coming !

  5. Roy Slater says:

    Best and funniest show ever made – This video is really cool

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