8 Responses to “Free Trotters Family Tree”

  1. Jumbo Mills says:

    That tree is cobblers to me. Both brothers have the same father, just Reg being a nasty toe rag that time messing with their doctors papers. Rock and chips is irrelevant. Never seen it, don’t want to either.

  2. Grant says:

    Nice job, but I think there are a few inaccuracies.

    Albert never appeared to have children, and Stan is clearly not his son or the son of George. A fourth Trotter brother is mentioned in ‘The Frog’s Legacy’, so Stan is presumably the son of Jack Trotter (Albert’s Brother). Cousins Kevin and Audrey are therefore either the children of Jack or George.

  3. Chad says:

    I think Reg should have the original actor’s (Peter Woodthorpe) photo?

  4. Barry says:

    Great to see Ted is now Lennard on the Trotter Tree

  5. Dave Fry says:

    I have to second thatt – the “Ted Trotter” pic should be Lennard Pearce.

  6. Wesley says:

    LOVE the family tree, great job! personally, i think edward trotter image should have been lennard pearce. But great job none the less.

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