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  1. Darren jones says:

    Great work Pete I really enjoyed it, it made me laugh just as much as watching only fools on dvds. Thanks


  2. king shymond says:

    That was a amazing script , as you can picture it all in your head anyway, there was a combination of a few classic episodes in your script.

    • Pete Rigby says:

      Cheers King.

      Yes, it does make it easier to write scripts when you have established characters for the reader to picture in their head.

      Thanks for you kind comments and I’m glad you enjoyed the script.



  3. JJFolepot says:

    Quite good yes but if its set in 1986, why would there be a common use of mobile phones and mentions of Ricky Hatton?

    • Pete Rigby says:

      Good point! I originally wrote this script as an original sitcom called ‘In For A Penny’. I sent to to all the television production companies and had some interest but fell at the final hurdle. As my script was very closely linked to OFAH I decided to adapt it to fit OFAH. My original script was set in 2010. I should have set this script in 2010 but that would have meant that Del and Rodney had split with their wives and I didn’t want to do that because I’d done something similar in my first OFAH script – ‘D.T. Phone Home’. Also I didn’t want Del to have an ‘affair’ with Belinda as that isn’t in his nature. In my original script the box was in the Reliant Regal until I realised I would have blown the van up in the final scene and that would be a definite no-no. So I had to rewrite the opening scene where he loans the van from Boycie.

      But, yes, you are right. That is an error. I should have set it in 2010. Thanks for pointing it out.


      • JJFolepot says:

        No problem,

        Hope ya didnt think I was being a nit-pick. I teach secondary school English ya see and maybe its an occupational hazard I have to have cultural context correct in Creative Writing, ya see.

        But I’m a massive fan of OFAH, I have on occassion been able to incorporate pieces from the show in my lessons. For example, we were studying An Inspector Calls lately and to show how England could be very class-divided, clips from A Royal Flush and A Touch of Glass were used.

        But I’m getting off the point here. Enjoyed your script very much and would love to have the courage to post one myself in the future,

        • admin says:

          Wow that sounds like a dream class
          A teacher using only fools and horses in his lessons – pupils must love it!

        • Pete Rigby says:

          Not at all, I’m glad you pointed it out actually.
          I’m pleased to hear you use OFAH as a reference in your classes, that’s refreshing.
          I’ve not written any more scripts as yet as I’m currently in the process of publishing my first poetry book. I’ve written poetry all my life and produced over 30 fanzines but this will be my first published book.

          Thanks again for your message.


      • Liam says:

        hey pete it is kind of in dels nature to have an affair, like if you remember the episode when he says at the end of the episode about when albey littlewood crossing the railway line to meet del at the pub but del says to his old ex he was actualy at albey’s gilfriend diedre’s flat, not at the pub

        • Pete Rigby says:

          Yes, but wasn’t that in ‘Rock ‘n’ Chips’? If so, he was young and unmarried. I don’t think Del would cheat on Raquel. Only John Sullivan would know the answer to this one.


  4. Brad says:

    Mate congrats that was fantastic I enjoyed every word and was in tears with images of the dog trying to hump rodney and trigger calling in sick for work. I’m In Australia and not very many people have ever heard of the show over here but I’m a big fan. Would love to read another……….maybe a Christmas special??

    Well done again now all you need is to sign Jason David to an Audio reading/book deal and go into full time production.

    • Pete Rigby says:

      Thanks Brad.

      I like the audio reading idea. Anything that generates an income would be welcome here!!

      I’ve not written any more scripts yet but you never know.



      • Brad says:

        Yes I think the Audio reading would be great, I really felt the characters when i read your script and to hear those voices would really top it off…….and If you get started now you will have that Christmas special ready in time for this years festive season and a fantastic present for all the fans lol……

        I listen to books on cd from an australian author called Robert G Barrett, he writes about a rough and tough red headed Queenslander call Les Norton who works in an ilegal casino in kings cross (Aussie version of Del except not as swarve and a bit harder). The company that does all of theres is Bolinda Audio. Make a call mate you never know…

  5. Pete Rigby says:

    Cheers guys! I appreciate your comments and I’m over the moon you liked it.


  6. admin says:

    Great script Pete
    Really enjoyed it
    cant wait for another one

    Come on John Sullivan – how about teaming up with Pete?

  7. Mike@NH says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Pete that is a brilliant OFAH script!

    You’d be a plonker to hate it!


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