8 Responses to “Fans Script : Rock and Chips – Final Part 4”

  1. Tracey Russell says:

    Hi martin. I love them but when you are making more of rock and chips.?

  2. Chunky says:

    Brilliant! Though one error, Joanie’s mother did’nt have a deathbed. In Rock and Chips Joan said her mother died in the blitz.

    • Martin says:

      Good point Chunky. I’d love to say I know and explain it away but it’s a genuin error on my part. Saying that she could be lying like Del does when he say’s it. damn!

  3. Trig says:

    Would love another one mate
    Really love these scripts on here

  4. admin says:

    Loved your style
    it’s like having new episodes reading these scripts

  5. Bella says:

    Yes, please! I’d love to see another episode from you. Even if Freddie isn’t in it. You write everyone brilliantly.

  6. Pete Rigby says:

    Loved it Martin. And yes, keep writing. You have a talent mate!!

  7. Martin says:

    I hope everyone liked the episode. I’ll do another if people want it.


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