4 Responses to “Ravenscourt Park”


    Whats the name of the yuppie bar where del feel though the hatch

  2. Grff says:

    Bloody hell, Lovette. You’ll be off to Amsterdsm and Miami next.

    • Darren Lovett says:

      Not yet Grff but would love to.

      I am going to Margate and Brighton soon so if you like my photos and info then please keep an eye out for them on this website and also if there is any locations you are interested in knowing about then please get in touch

      Darren Lovett

  3. Richard says:

    Del – Pity you weren’t here, this is right up your street this innit?

    Albert – I can’t swim Del!

    Del – You used to be a sailor!

    Albert – Don’t mean a thing!! Nelson couldn’t swim!

    Del – Course he couldn’t, he’d only got one bloody arm! He’d be going round in circles wouldn’t he?

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