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  1. Sajan says:

    When Del Boy paints his mum’s headstone yellow and Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad discover this outside the cemetery, Grandad says he’s worried that if the Gravestone is seen from the air “It’s on the main pathway flight to Heathrow”, funny how Peckham in South London is on the main pathway flight to Heathrow when Heathrow is in West London!

  2. Gary MacMillan says:

    A great episode, because it plays like a brilliantly told joke. (With a fantastic punchline.) However, I’ve never thought the scene where Granddad encounters Corrine when he leaves the pet shop worked. Corrine is not stupid, I think. She would have put two and two together. (Especially when the cage is so badly hidden…)

  3. Gerry says:

    just after del and rodney enter the chinese place while they are talking about chinese restaurants just after Del checks the till drawer look in top left corner of screen-you see the overhead mic move which is also yellow!

  4. SJL@1978 says:

    Listen closely to Rodney explaining to Del that his deep-sea divers watch doesn’t work properly – he comments that it’s “nearly chucking out time in Peking” ( presumably it’s just approaching 11:00 pm over there ) and that he’s “low on oxygen”. China is 8 hours ahead of Britain, which means it’s obviously just coming up 3:00 pm in London. Just a few minutes later in the same scene, when the Trotters make their way to the graveyard to inspect Joan’s headstone, it’s pitch black ! Must get dark early in the capital…

  5. Sam says:

    Rodney: Say you had 2 Rolls Royce’s…
    Del: Well I’d give you one wouldn’t I

    A great little twist that 14 years later Rodney bought a Rolls for Del.

  6. Aaron P says:

    Have you noticed that in Sleeples in Peckham episode, Rodney is in the nags head with Del and Triger and he go’s on about a science thing. Del say, “when is this going to happen?” and rodney says “Well, they cant be accurate can they! they cant justsay March 12th at half past four!” Funny how he uses the date of his mums death!

  7. Mike@NH says:

    I have an Only Fools connection!!

    March 12th is my birthday but I wasn’t born in 1964

  8. Alex Thompson says:

    They probably changed the dates of death on the tombstone for continuity for other episodes.

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