7 Responses to “Rock and Chips Success”

  1. You must make a decent series BBC
    Rock and Chips is by far the best drama comedy for a long time, and i love John Sullivans amazing ability to tie up loose ends
    keep it going !

  2. Chloe says:

    Love Only Fools & Horses, one of the best, if not thee best British comedy series ever made. Hope John Sullivan & co. create a lot more than three episodes of Rock & Chips because it’s the next best thing. It’s great that they kept Nicholas Lyndhurst from the original cast – makes it that bit better.. keep up the good work guys & keep creating episodes!!

  3. Philip Coffey says:

    I’ve watched so much Only Fools this Christmas, I almost bought a 3 wheel van yesterday! Time for a break methinks….

    • admin says:

      Sounds like you have got it bad!

      • Philip Coffey says:

        I sure do buddy. Enjoyed Rock and Chips so much it got me thinking. Maybe I should own a three wheeled van!! The wife snuffed out that idea sharpish!!! But someday, when theres a few quid laying in the bank and I need something to cheer me up, on that day, I’ll get one. Lovely Jubbly!

  4. Glenn says:

    I’m really happy to see John Sullivan making a new series of Rock and Chips and the BBC airing this great show! This show has a lot to offer fans of Only Fools And Horses as it goes into details about the meaning of past shows. Here in the US not to many people know of Only Fools And Horses or Rock And Chips so I tell everybody about these outstanding TV shows. Most Americans love British comedy, it’s one of a kind and I love it and I’m sure all those I’ve told also will! Only Fools And Horses is an English ICON and hopefully Rock and Chips will follow in it’s foot steps. I can’t wait for the next episode of Rock And Chips this Easter and can only hope the BBC will begin airing a weekly or bi-weekly series of this great British Comedy!!!

  5. SIMON says:

    luvly jubbly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see next one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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