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  1. YoDude.55 says:


  2. clare says:

    Brilliant!! more please BBC!!!!

  3. jon hatfield says:

    the atmosphere created by the director was excellent, as was the script and entire cast. it simply has 2 have a lot more episodes. the length was perfect . freddie detinator scene 1 day will be amazing. mark my words!

  4. messenger says:

    Not bad at all for a first show and I think that the idea of making a show with young Delboy and co is great ! It gives us a little change and it shows us how everyone in ofah was when they were younger. To my mind, Mr Sullivan should make more episodes. Anyway, No other series can beat ofah !!!

  5. pam callaghan says:

    where was the prefab estate sceen filmed?

  6. andrew nobbs says:

    For me this was a definate success, and as a fan of ofah found it easy to put the pieces together from the clues left in the frogs legacy. I am eagerly awaiting the follow up or full season, i know i have heard mixed reviews from friends saying its not del boy etc, but i thought it captured the whole youth of the cast perfectly, so yes from me and believe this could become another legendary piece from sullivan. Well done .

  7. gaz mclean says:

    i think the whole idea of the rock & chips 1 off was a gr8 idea im a massive fan of ofah & hav evry series n xmas special n generally fot it was gr8 am quite gutted though as i only saw so much of it wonder if any1 could tell me if n wen its gonna b released on dvd or tht

  8. Ian Garland says:

    Sheer joy from start to finish, I have a whole new love and understanding for the Trotters now!

  9. KAS says:

    checked on imdb and it was up by 6% in popularity 2 days ago today its upto 167% i think people didn expect it to be so good should become a series :)

  10. Wessley Pearcey says:

    Totally Fantastic!! I think that the last Episode is missing, and NEEDS to be made in time for Xmas. By watching the FROG’S LEGACY you get to understand how it all fits in, and what could be done in the final episode. It would also give the writers more time to develop the characters, and give Del, time to develop his catch-phrases and mannerisms, and bridge the gap. I think a Series would be most unwise, you NEED Freddie Robdall in it, he is the reason Rock n Chips got made.Treat us to one more helping……PLEASE!

  11. clive says:

    fantastic show we want more

  12. Diane Donohoe says:

    fantastic enjoyable telly, especially as it was filmed in my home town and my old school. Please let us have more

  13. Paul Martin says:

    I would love to see another episode or series. John Sullivan good job yet again!

  14. darren hall says:


  15. darren coyle says:

    didn’t think i was going to be much cop – but really enjoyed it if any thing it could have been longer but lets hope we get a follow on in time for christmas day hint hint well done all involved loved it and will buy the dvd when it comes out

  16. james boagey says:

    amazing tele, i was over the moon with it, it was great to see the people we only heard of and not seen before, i think it would be great if they made a series or even a part 2 to see what happens after rodney was born, how freddy died and how the treasure got out to the sea, what joan says on her death bed, ect,


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