11 Responses to “Rodney’s top 5 birds”

  1. Rob Matton says:

    Janice from that bus episode, where Rodney has to look after ‘Nero’ her corgi dog.

    Janice was quite pretty too. I still say Debbie wins though.

  2. Rob says:

    Oona Kirsch who played Debbie was absolutley gorgeous

  3. Sam says:

    Good choice having Debbie at number 1, in the words of Del, she was a bit of a Sort. Had Zoe been featured more, she’d have been my favourite.

  4. Monkey Harris says:

    `Nervous Nerys` ?

  5. Griff says:

    Did someone say Irene was a contender?

    Have a word!

    I’d still have put Zoe in, she appeared in an episode and was clearly seen as some bird Rodney had pulled. Which in my books, passes all criteria ;-)

    Debbie followed by Zoe. He did very well there did young Rodders.

  6. anthony says:

    I didn’t stick Zoe in as she was in it for at least 30 seconds. So I couldhave hardly wrote much about her, even though she was ‘tasty’ as you put it Griff.

    As for Irene it was a close call, but I only had 5 choices so was tough. But in the end I decided to gor for birds under 60! :-)

  7. Griff says:

    Why isn’t Zoe in the top-5? From ‘No Greater Love’. Who Rodders met at a roller-disco. Always thought she was a tasty little piece.

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