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  1. Jimmy says:

    Trigger hitting his head off the ”MIND YOUR HEAD” sign

  2. Marc says:

    * Eels on wheels with Del giving Jumbo his last £200 to go to Oz

    * How Denzel met Corinne and Del does the food for their wedding

    * Triggers Gran and Grandad who do not talk

    * Adding to Steve’s comment above, would be interesting to see Del meeting the Oil Barrons daughter and actually finding our her name and then the whole Rodney trying to sell the gas conversion kits would come after

  3. Kane says:

    This is brilliant!

    – Rodney being the only boy to go to school in shorts and show of his ‘Italian footballers legs’

    – Del’s dad leaving him and Rodney

    and what about them adding a twist, Del and raquel could cross paths when they were younger…I think it would be good and they don’t actually know but we do :)

  4. Danboy says:

    In Fatal Extraction, whilst in bed with Cassandra rodney tells her about the time Del got his A-level results. All ‘A’s, which they later found out stood for absent.

    Not sure how this would fit though as Del and his mates have already left school in the first R&C, but Rodney tells Cassandra he was “a nipper at the time”. Doesn’t quite fit somehow…

    • dan says:

      Yes, i always thought some of the ages didn’t quite add up.

    • Then again, after what happened in “The Frog and the Pussycat”, it’s very likely that Joan sent Del back to school to take that exam after Mrs. Bird ruined both their chances of getting much happier lifestyles.

      Or better yet, Rodney might’ve made the whole “Del takes his O-Levels” story up, considering he barely has any memories of his mum.

      • Danboy says:

        I think it is just a case that some of the ages/timelines don’t quite meet up. In Big Brother, the first episode, Del was moaning that Rodney didn’t come along like a normal brother or sister 2 or 3 years after him, but waited 13 years. Meaning Del would have been 13 when Rodney was born. As we see in R&C he is clearly older, 16 or 17

  5. Binnsy says:

    eels on wheels
    maybe a bit too far forward but Rodney getting caught smoking his “funny fags” with the Chinese girl.

  6. jonjo mullen says:

    as such a big only fools and horses fan, you should watch every episode and then take notes in memory of John Sullivan may he rip!

  7. Ryan says:

    Del and Boycie meeting marlene, didnt boycie and marlene marry when they were 16?

  8. Steve says:

    . Del put his dad in hospital
    . Del making Rodneys sell Gas convertors while he was wearing a flower shirt and had chicken pox. Rodney said from a distance he looked naked from the waist up.
    . Freddie the Frog blowing himself up.
    . Playing Pirates with Slater and making him walk the plank

  9. Del and Boycie both meeting Marlene at the betting shop in Lewisham Grove.

  10. Rich says:

    Gran telling Delboy that she wants him to have ‘that’ painting (Yesterday never comes) when she’s gone.

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