8 Responses to “Tickets for the David Jason Exhibition”

  1. Ali D says:

    Nice to see an ordinary person like Ricky Hatton meeting David Jason, if this doesn’t show this was a elitist event I don’t know what else does!

  2. JT Leeds says:

    HI, i am very disappointed with the sale of tickets! this ain’t for fans it is a business it is unfair, it should be one price for all first come and all that!

    One price for everything, NOT £200 for this £100 extra for that and another £100 on top if you want to ask Sir David a question!

    this takes the mik out of the fans, i dont want to be a fan any more if this is the case!


  3. Mark says:

    It was incredibly poorly run, this society, and this event is being run as a cash cow. It’s all about the money these days, not the fans and not the show.

  4. RICKY JOHNSON says:


    I agree with some of these comments, myself and wife are massive fans of David Jason. But the prices are ridiculous and most people have no way of affording this.
    So for me and my wife it will cost £750.00 to meet and have a photo with David Jason himself.

    This is not fair in any way shape or form, the prices for these tickets need to be addressed.


  5. Mark Willis says:

    First things first great news DAVID JASON will be there,as like a lot of fans so excited with the news,then like most things in life to good to be true.

    As you say “it’s a level playing field for everyone who would like to attend or meet David”

    Level playing field for WHO people have got plenty of money the REAL fans are getting punished THIS IS NOT A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

    WHO set the price’s for this event?????

  6. Rastko says:

    I have never seen a ticket sale managed so poorly and with utter disregard to the fans. And I am from Serbia, for crying out loud.

  7. Kevin Lee says:

    I have been to loads of conventions. Went to the very first one travelled all around the country from South Wales (including) Hull. I have bought loads of memorabilia from the site. I joined the OFAH appreciation society in 1995.There is no one that would beat me in a quiz on the show. My lifelong ambition is to meet sir David Jason so you can imagine how devastated I was not able to get tickets for the convention. Just because I was unable to check the website every minute I am penalised. What angers me the most is there will be people there that has never been to a convention before and are not true fans.I simply can’t put into words how gutted I am and my feelings towards the society.im sure I’m not the only ones in this position. Just a farce. The society has got records of the real fans

  8. Ali D says:

    The cheap way this events tickets have been sold is hugely disappointing and unprofessional!

    This should of been done through a 3rd party site, that are used to dealing with huge events and massive numbers of people wanting tickets, a release date is given, your put in a queue then once your in you are given a couple of minutes to pay for your ticket before it comes out of your basket!

    Doing it this way would of been much fairer to millions of fans, again to say I’m hugely disappointed is a understatement!

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