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  1. Gary MacMillan says:

    In the Nag’s Head the day after the New Years’ Eve party, Rodney tells Del that his father took him to the Zoo. Is it likely to be open on New Years’ Day?

  2. Ronnie says:

    I liked the early series with the grandad character as he really was like my own, very realistic in terms of south Londoners.

    But I also liked the later series for different reasons.

    Thicker than water is a favourite of mine, although I don’t like watching it unless it is christmas.

  3. Rob M says:

    Whilst series 3 with Lennard Pearce was fantastic, I still feel series 6 was slightly better.

    every episode in series 6 was strong – you had Rodney getting married, Del’s doddgy deal with the blow up dolls, Del’s stomach pains in the séance episode, con-man Arnie with the chains, and who could ever forget Rodney pretending to be 14 whilst on holiday!

    every single episode in series 6 was powerful and really well scripted.

  4. Griff says:

    For me, series 6 was the ultimate in sheer comedy masterclass. Perfection. It was a turning point in OFAH and became even funnier and cleverer.

    The first 5 series were almost like a different comedy to that of the OFAH series 6 onwards. Two great feels to OFAH, but for me, series 6 will always be my favorite.

  5. Rich says:

    Nice review. I agree that series 3 really raised the bar. I always used to struggle to choose between series 3 and series 6 for my favourite. But as mind blowing as the story lines are for series 6, series 3 just pips it for me because of the chemistry between the main 3 actors. They just totally nailed the characters in series 3 and when I think of Del and Rodney it’s the way they were in this series that I think of them most fondly. The comic timing along with genius dialogue was just comedy perfection and with the added emotion and drama thrown in, for me, it remains untouchable.

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