17 Responses to “Fan script episode : Mexi-can”

  1. Johnno says:

    I see the Albert frightening Del and Rodney scene has been recycled partly from Time on our Hands and Danger UXD!

    • Kiel says:

      Yes, but it is a joke that has a lot of room to play with to make it a bit different, and it always seems to work, so i put it in.

      Cheers for reading

    • SIMON CROSBIE says:


  2. Michael says:

    As much as I liked some of the one liners, I thought the plot was a bit sort of weak.

    And what’s the deal with this:


    Well you do. You get it from your dad’s side… most probably. Look at the state of this place, I’m going to swing for that lazy old sod.

    Sorry to nit-pick because this is a good little script, but Del is refering to Rodney as having a different Dad in that bit of dialogue, or so it seems. And they didn’t find out about them having two different Dads years after Albert was about.

    • Kiel says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read it and giving your feedback. I hope you’ll have a read of some of my other scripts on here.

      You’re absolutely right about what you pointed out. Although Del probably always knew, Rodney didn’t find out until later than when this script is set. A mistake on my part.

  3. Matt Bate says:

    I have just posted a script that should be avaliable in a few days. It’s called Mother Cassandra and it focuses on Cassandra’s commitment to her banking job and to baby Joanie and Rodney. It’s got a funny sub-plot with Raquel, Del and an old school-friend of Raquel’s who has been married 7 times. Tell me what you think. It’ll be much appreciated. Thanks.

  4. hamish says:

    Some of the jokes very much in John Sullivan style. I just think there could have been a bit more with the whole mexican theme, that could have made a funny storyline. Good work though!

  5. Rodders says:

    A good script. Bit harsh Mike. No fan will be able to produce a script anywhere near John Sullivan’s standard – obvious, I know.

    Maybe you should try writing one?

  6. David Foster says:

    Haha very good. Love reading fan scripts.

  7. Tom says:

    Yeah it was Ok. Quite quirky. Only thing was, there was quite a few jokes and ideas taken from past shows. Fairly good story-line but could’t really laugh.

    Keep up the enthusiasm though!

  8. Mike says:

    Hmm not sure I liked the concept to be honest. It did flow well but in my opinion, couldn’t really feel the comedy factor in this.

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