7 Responses to “Only Fools Convention 2019”

  1. Sean Harris says:

    Hi. I really want to come to convention. I’ve been waiting so long to try meet some of the cast. My favourite programme and it would be dream come true to meet them. Please let me know if 1 ticket comes available

  2. gary says:

    is there reserve list for tickets

  3. Michael callinan says:

    Dear only fools and horses fan day iam hoping to bring 3 people over for a weekend from dublin , how much or any dublin shows in the future kind regards

  4. Dom says:

    Hope everyone who bought tickets shows up. Friend of mine says they’re appearing on resale sites already.

  5. Steve says:

    Gutted all the tickets have sold out. Is there any other way of getting a ticket at all?

  6. John Sleath says:

    No …no VIP tickets this year.

  7. Lee Davies says:

    Hi. Are there any VIP tickets available this year for the convention? Thanks

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