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  1. Paul barrett says:

    Where was the nightclub in jolly boys outing

  2. Thea says:

    I love only fools and horses but I love rock and chips too

  3. Keith says:

    I used to drink in the Roman Galley.
    Hardly a halfway house between Peckham and Margate though. What is it? 8 or 9 miles from Margate?
    Shame that they tried to bring Dreamland back to life but failed.

  4. Terence Clarke says:

    I was lucky enough to get a Photo of Del Boy and all the cast & Crew Outside the Roman Galley Del holding a sign 1989 (a lot now departed Trigger/Mike/John the original writer Priceless!!

  5. dave says:

    got any deals going

  6. Aimee Trevelyan says:

    In dalby sqaure those new buildings are houses not flats, my house is the one where they walked up the steps

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    • David Jason says:

      Awright Leo,

      I’m marvelous, how about you me old china?
      I’m currently working on some big deals, this time next year me n Rodders will be miwyonaires.

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      • Rodney says:

        Del, don’t give out our address. He might be a nutter of sumfing. You never know what sorta weirdows and zunes you get on ere.

  8. Matt says:


    Good photos.

    I’m local, so know where all the locations are.

    Dave B is right about the Roman Galley, and the former aquarium car park (Now doctors surgery) that was where the coach exploded.

    Rodney/Cassandra’s flat is Richard Court in Cliftonville. I will try and send a photo if you are interested. The link is below:


    Zoom into streetview from Lower Northdown Ave and you will recognise the front.

    • MiaMagicaGialloRossi says:

      Matt thank for the info nice one bruv, do you maybe know the real location of the villas at king’s avenue where Rodney and Del have a chat before Del dropping Rodney at evening school?

      Many thank cheers

      • Matt says:

        The house rodney pretends he lives at is on the south west corner of Broad Walk and Brackendale in Winchmore Hill. The houses opposite have long since been knocked down and rebuilt.

  9. Dave B says:


    I live in Thanet, the halfway house where Rodney is arrested was formerly the Roman Galley Pub adjacent to the Thanet way A299, the site where the coach exploded now has a doctors Surgery built on i in Palm Bay Margate, I believe the nightclub scene was filmed at Margate Winter Gardens, The cast and crew I believe were staying in Ramsgate during filming, a friend of mine was an extra at the Market scenes. Of course the local population followed the filming of this episode and for many weeks was reported in the local papers and on television.

    This is a great episode but it also is s glimpse into Margates past and a time portal just before its imminent decline,let’s hope the magic of the resort captured so well in this episode can now be recovered with the regeneration of the area with the reopening of Dreamland Funfair and Park.

    • David Lloyd says:

      I visited Thanet way the other day and the electric gates opened as someone behind me was coming in .
      I managed to get some photos taken quickly and must say it looks amazing. Comparing my photos with the original can still see where the original door is and what’s changed etc .
      Did get locked in behind electric gates though and had to knock on someone door to allow us to leave but still lovely to see .
      So beautiful especially on a hot summer day

  10. Gary says:

    You plonkers

  11. Tracey Ruskin says:

    Dreamland reopened in June this year and it’s fantastic. The scenic Railway has been restored and Margate is buzzing again. We really hope the OFAH convention can be held there in the near future.

    • Ronnie says:

      That would be a good place to host in, on a bank holiday.

    • Rob M says:

      That’s great news – that really is.

      I’m pleased Margate is slowly beginning to get the old magic back that it used to have – as it’s been gone for so long.

      The fact there was sadly no dreamland – it was just making people miserable – so many people missed it and wanted it back.

  12. Rob M says:

    I live about 1 hour away from Margate, it’s about a 60 min car drive from me, I usually go once a year.

    Margate is always fun to visit, however it’s nothing like it used to be, Dream-world is no longer there sadly (Dream-world is the fun-fair part, where Del and the lads go on all the rides) – no more fun-fair rides.

    however you still have the sea/beach obviously, plenty of take aways like Wimpy, and there are amusement arcades where you can win fluffy dolls, watches, £1 coins, e.tc…..

  13. James says:

    Such a shame the halfway house is not still in business. That would have been a great venue for the convention.

  14. BRIAN COOK says:


  15. Dan says:

    These photo’s are great, i really want to visit some of these places one day :)

    • Jamie Breach says:

      Have a look at the hoardings on the seafront on google street view, opposite the beach near the tall block of flats, fantastic bit of graffiti

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