3 Responses to “How Far Only Fools and Horses Has Come”

  1. Ryan Small says:

    John Sullivan is a legend, and so are the reast of the people from Only Fools and Horses, David Jason,Nick Lyndhurst,Lennard Pearce and Buster Merryfield just to name a few of the Only fools gang, they are the reason we are called Great Birtain because Great people like them make Great programs like Only Fools and Horses

  2. Daniel says:

    “Mr Perfect” – This article was purely written as a brief appraisal of John Sullivan as a writer, when so much else has changed (Humour, slang terms, prejudice in society, etc.) – the whole article is not pointless – as it is making a point!

    At the end of the article say:

    “what this really tells us is just how strong John Sullivan’s portrayal of characters and story telling actually is, to be able to accumulate new viewers via uk gold on a daily basis, but also keep the old viewers hooked on episodes they have already seen many times.”

    Maybe you just didn’t pick it up.

  3. Curt Hennig says:

    One of the most pointless articles I have ever read.


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