9 Responses to “Best episode of all time”

  1. E44 says:

    Controversial choice for me – Christmas Crackers. The trotters at a xmas dinner table is not to be missed, I also love Dels “vin ordinare” story, And of course the suit!

  2. richard hill says:

    Impossible to choose a favourite – but if my life depended on it, I would go for ‘Dates’. From the very beginning, they are taking the p out of Albert and then Micky takes the p out of Rodney and there is that disturbing scene where Del rips off that policewoman’s blouse. Plus the intro of Raquel. Love it.

  3. Lewis says:

    Mother nature’s son or jolly boys outing is probably my favourite but I love them all !!!!

  4. Steve says:

    Jolly Boys Outing followed very closely by ‘Chain Gang’.

  5. Rob M says:

    I agree with Ronnie – every episode of only fools and horses is fantastic, it’s just impossible to pick a favourite.

  6. Ronnie says:

    I don’t think you can choose a best episode, so many of them are good.

    I like the Jolly Boys outing.

    btw, does anyone know Angus who was on here. I have lost his email so if anyone knows if or if you see this angus please could you email.


  7. Dan says:

    I see where you are coming from; my favourite episode of One foot in the grave is the beast in the cage episode, where they are stuck in the traffic jam – although Friday the 14th is probably my favourite restrictive situation episode of OFAH. i agree with Griff above, i prefer episodes like Jolly Boys Outing, Dates or to Hull and Back, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and the Russians are coming is a fine episode. :)

    • Griff says:

      One Foot in the Grave – it’s up there with the very best comedies. I also love the traffic jam episode. David Renwick is another genius of a sitcom/drama series writer.

  8. Griff says:

    Bizarre choice but opinions are opinions.

    I don’t know how you can’t look at Jolly Boys / Frogs Legacy etc and see these as less funny/great that TRAC.

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