22 Responses to “Who’s a Pretty Boy?”

  1. Rob M says:

    RIP Eva Mottley, the actress who played Denzil’s wife

  2. Anand says:

    When Michael introduces himself and shakes Del Boy’s hand, Grandad extends his hand but Mike doesn’t shake it.

  3. Sajan says:

    Denzil is in introduced to us by saying “say Viv Richards is king…..oh you daft old bird” in a West Indian accent but later on in the series Denzil has a Liverpudlian accent and his caribbean roots suddenly vanish!

  4. Michael Woodall says:

    This was the last appearance that grandad was in what a shame such a lovely bloke. R.i.p lennard x

    • Paddy The Greek says:

      Last Granddad episode was ‘Thicker than water’.

      • Rob M says:

        Depends, if your talking about the official episodes, then yes his last appearance was ‘thicker than water’ from series 3 in 1983.

        but if you include the rare ‘unofficial’ episodes, then grandad’s last appearance was ‘licensed to drill’ made in 1984.

  5. What everyone seems to be missing is the point that Mike would NOT have to give Del any of the money he could have charged for the pub’s redecoration.
    That is, unless Del would tell the brewery that it was his idea to charge that much in the first place and shop Mike for nicking his idea.
    Just as well it really is all make belief, eh?
    There are so many blunders in this episode that have not nor cannot be adequately addressed.
    I believe that many other episodes are replete with similar gaffes and discrepancies. But that’s for another day.

    • Fryer Tuck says:

      I totally agree with your observation, mate.
      Perhaps John Sullivan was beginning to run out of ideas even this early in his often repetitive scripts, alas.

    • Richard says:

      But surely the brewery would want to know who had redecorated the pub and how much they charged. That’s where Del would come in posing as a decorator and probably providing a receipt for the more expensive price that the Irishman would then actually do it for?

  6. owen says:

    Never understand that bit at the end where Del and Mike make that deal for two thousand pounds then they let the Irish man do the work?

    • Griff says:

      Del offers £2000 for the job.

      Brendan offers £1000.

      Del suggests Mike accepts Del’s offer (privately) where they pay Brendan the £1000 he asked for to do the job and for Mike and Del to pocket the remaining £1000 between them. The money comes from the brewery so everyone’s a winner!

  7. Rich says:

    The only thing that bothers me about this episode is the deal Del does with Mike at the end. Brewery owned pubs would never let a landlord decide on the price of a redecoration. Only if he was a tenant would they let him decide and then he would have to pay for it himself.

    • Harry1994 says:

      What your saying is true in most cases, although the brewery would sometimes pay for re-decoration on behalf of a tenant because it is in their interest for their pub not to look grotty. But i really liked this ending, I thought it tied the episode up really well and was a good way to introduce Mike into the series. Its a good job we don’t all think alike because the world would be a pretty boring place if we did. Any comments are welcome :)

  8. Cushty says:

    The title of the episode always makes me think of when Rodney says it at the end of To Hull and Back – Oh who’s a pretty boy Derek!

  9. Mouldy says:

    In this episode Del manages to convince Denzil that painting and decorating was the Trotter family trade for generations, but surely Denzil would know that this is a lie as Denzil has known Del since they went to school together.

  10. Ian Jacklin says:

    In Who’s a Pretty Boy, Grandad turned up a Louis’ pet shop empty handed, he then left with a canary in a cage, they must’ve then put the canary in to Corine’s cage when Grandad got back to the flat, what did they do with the cage that Grandad bought, why didn’t Louis just give Grandad the canary in a box with holes in it from the pet shop??

    When Corine got back to the flat from her shopping trip and bumping in to Grandad, Rodney was up a ladder in the front room with a sponge in his hand, with Del and Grandad at the bottom of the ladder, what had they actually done, they must have been there for hours and there was absolutely no change??

  11. John L says:

    The thing about the clock could be deliberate, after all Denzil probably bought it from Del.

  12. inny says:

    Nice tribute to Sir Viv Richards in this episode..I believe another reference is made to him in Season 4.

  13. admin says:

    When Del and Rodney arrive at Denzil’s flat, the clock in the background says 1:30pm. After Del tells Denzil a lie about Brendan’s latest job, the clock says 1:45pm and after, it changes back to 1:30pm

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