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  1. jay smith says:

    I’m not really bothered by the numerous continuity errors on this show, mainly around dates and ages. I watch in such random order that i don’t even notice them.

    But on this episode, it appeared to be a big error unless i’ve missed something. Start of show in rodneys office, it’s clear he hasn’t seen raquel since she left in the dates episode. He asks how USA was and when she got back to UK, he’s also surprised to learn she’s been back for a while and was living in Margate.

    None of this makes any sense when you consider the JBO episode when they met raquel again for the first time since she left in dates. They stayed at her flat. Therefore in rodney come home, rodney would know that raquels been back for ages and had been living in margate!!

    • Rich says:

      In the ‘Dates’ episode she went to the middle east not the USA, she went to America after ‘The Jolly Boys Outing’ episode.

      • jay smith says:

        Ah I hadn’t realised that. In JBO when raquel says she doesn’t know what she’ll do after margate, del says peckham is nice this time of year so i always assumed she went there. I don’t recall any mention of her going to usa after that meeting in JBO.

        That aside, it still doesn’t explain rodney’s surprise (in rodney come home) when learning that raquel had been back for some time and had been living in margate, when they went to margate in JBO and met her!

  2. I like this episode. because Rodney fell out with Crassrdra. and crassrdra shed to Rodney to get out of the flst and about his marriage.

  3. Justin says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me where the nightclub scenes were filmed in Rodney come home please?



  4. Mark says:

    Something I’ve always thought relating to this episode but never got to the bottom of, when Rodney and Cassandra argue at the end and Cassandra throws Rodney out, does she really use the f-word? It sounds like she does but if she did, how did the episode only get a PG rating on DVD? And on TV, when she calls him a b—–d it has now been bleeped out but the f-word is left in unedited?

    • Rob M says:

      Mark I’m not sure what you mean mate, Cassandra doesn’t use the F word.

      she does indeed say ‘b*****d’ when Del tells her about Rodney’s date with Tanya – however UK GOLD bleep this word out, you hear a beep sound when she says it – although the word is intact on VHS and DVD releases.

    • Dan says:

      Pretty sure she says ‘Just bugger off Rodney’

    • Luke says:

      Totally always wondered on this as well, especially as the audience seem to react in both laugher and shock. I have however just this moment listened right up to the speaker, and it’s ‘just bugger off Rodney’ as Dan says. Glad that’s cleared up! :)

  5. Rob M says:

    only 1 small minor cut to this episode.

    A line has been removed out of respect to the late princess Diana.

    when Del starts talking about HIV, and women are dodgy, he says: ‘take 1 wrong move and you could be shaking hands with princess Di’

    you can still see the line on repeats on UK GOLD – however the line was removed on VHS and DVD releases.

  6. Gordon Davie says:

    “In Rodney Come Home, In the scene where Del is walking to Cassie’s flat, when he walks out of the van, you can see a building behind saying “Agricultural Machinery”. This is Peckham, which is only 3 miles from Central London, and the nearest field is 10 miles away. Surely there wouldnt be a tractor factory in the middle of South London.”

    Maybe they make lawnmower engines!

  7. Jumbo Mills says:

    This episode was a bit depressing for Christmas Day in my opinion?

    • Rich says:

      Yes I agree, especially as the previous year’s episode was the outstanding ‘Jolly Boy’s Outing’. I think a lot of people were expecting more of the same hilarity and felt a bit disappointed at the time but this episode was an important link to series 7 and John Sullivan was never frightened to make the occasional episode like this to keep the flow of the overall story going.

  8. Cushty says:

    Albert says to Rodney after he leaves Cassandra – ‘That’s the third time in 18 months you two have broken up for good’

    Once was the end of Jolly Boys Outing when Rodney punches Stephen, the second being in this episode when Cassandra tells Rodney to go and find himself a woman that will cook for him. But when is the third time, is it shown or mentioned in the show?

  9. George Darlow says:

    This is my one of my favourite’s special’s this is fantastic special and funny moments in it ,Del Yes, sorry! Is there anything i can do to help? Rodney Yes Piss Off.

    • Ashton says:

      That line echoes to the last episode where Rodney is writing his ISLAND OF DEATH movie and Damien asks Rodney “What he wants him to do” and Rodney replies “Bugger off and leave me alone”

  10. Cushty says:

    Rodney: I’ve never been so insulted in my life

    Del: Well sit down bruv & let me have a try

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