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  1. Patrick Delo says:

    Episode frogs legacy when Rodney takes funeral procession down one way street there seems to be a bit of about 12 driving the hearse anybody got a explanation for this?

  2. Vince Rayner says:

    I appeared in The Frog’s Legacy in the wedding scene. A walk through with the bride’s mother. It took three days to film the wedding set.

  3. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    This special marked the end of an era for the series, both in front of and behind the cameras.

    Ray Butt, who had been the series’ producer since it started in 1981, decided to leave the BBC shortly after filming was complete.

    The day before he left, Butt told John Sullivan that he should seriously consider letting Only Fools and Horses end with “The Frog’s Legacy”; Butt felt that the series had run its course, and pointed to the disastrous reception of the previous year’s Christmas special, “A Royal Flush”, as proof of his point.

    Sullivan gave thought to Butt’s words, but after this special received a much more positive reception than the previous one had done, he decided to continue the series.

    However, Sullivan shared Butt’s concerns that the series’ format was starting to become stale, and so starting with the next Christmas special, “Dates”, the series would maintain a balance between Del’s get-rich-quick schemes and the personal lives of the Trotter Family.

  4. Danboy says:

    Just watched this episode again, one of my favourites

  5. DEL BOY says:


  6. Mike@NH says:

    Sorry to be a pain…

    Which Christmas special do Del, Rodney, Raquel and Cassandra go to Brighton?

    It’s just that I know Brighton very well.

  7. donna knight says:

    does any one know there the church in the last 10-15 minutes of this episode is? my grandad has always loved this episode and thought the view where they were looking out to sea was stunning and he would love to go.any help on the location would mean a great deal!

    • admin says:

      Hi Donna
      I’m not too sure where the church is (possibly near Ipswich where it was filmed)
      but I do know that the view out at see was filmed at a different location to the church
      you can tell this by the angle of the sun

      • Adam says:

        Its Helmingham church just north of Ipswich, i bike past it every day, the market scene with the back massager was filmed in ipswich not far from the train station, only just round the corner from my house.
        At the end of the episode it looks like the church is right next to the sea when in fact its about 20 miles in land.
        The scenes where they are looking out towards the sea were filmed another time and edited together.

  8. Dan says:

    Having just seen the episode again recently, for about the tenth time , i noticed a joke i had never noticed before.

    When Del is in the market talking to trigger he says about boycie –

    “Boycie is the sort of man who buys baked beans on tuesday so he can have a bubble bath on wednesday”

    i couldn’t believe i had not noticed it before over the many years which i have seen the episode.

  9. inny says:

    Back at the flat, when Del wonder’s why did Freddie Robdal leave the gold to his and Rodney’s Mum, the reaction on Uncle Albert’s face suggests that he knows. I wonder how he would have know considering he would have been at sea most of the time.

    • Steve says:

      There are many inconsistency’s regarding Albert’s Naval career. In the episode “Hole In One” after Albert falls through the cellar doors of The Nags Head, the barrister questioning him pulls out a document that states that Albert spent much of the war at some depot on the the Isle of Wight, something which seems to get lost in countless episodes after as Albert recalls his tales from “during the war”

      • Jumbo Mills says:

        Isle of Wight, hardly overseas…you wanna trying walking it son!

        • Rich says:

          The reason for the inconsistency over Albert’s naval career in this episode is simply because the part in this script was written for Grandad. John Sullivan obviously hadn’t time to think up all of Albert’s past by the time of filming so just left this part in the script. Another example in this episode is when the barrister says Albert had parachute training despite being a ships engineer.

  10. Martin Feist says:

    I don’t seem to be able to view the script – Is there anyway I can view it ? Many thanks

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