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  1. Quentin says:

    Just watched this episode tonight on UK Gold and hadn’t noticed the super interplay between David Jason and Lennard Pearce in this one before. When Del comes back with strawberries he has several funny lines has Grandad in stitches. Then Rodney comes back and Del pokes fun at him until Grandad delivers his classic Wendy House line which has David Jason and Lennard Pearce in stitches. It was great that John Sullivan gave Grandad the standout line and you can see Lennard Pearce is having so much fun in this episode, he is genuinely creasing up at the gags.

  2. Susan Milbank says:

    After catching on to the lingo (rhythm and blues for shoes, Gregory for neck (Gregory Peck is this yankee’s guess), I still couldn’t make out what Rodney was saying so I came here to see if I could find it. So he is saying self catering holiday business. Now that whole segment in the apartment
    makes sense to me!

  3. Richard says:

    When Del arrives back to his flat after being chased by the policeman and slams the door then throws his suitcase across the room in front of Grandad, Grandad says: “Had a good day?” Now correct me if I’m wrong but is Grandad meant to be oblivious to Del’s mood? Or is Grandad not stupid and is taking the micky? I’ve never been sure of which one.

  4. Harry1994 says:

    Love this episode, Grandads wendy house line always has me in stitches.. Also: (Del) They’re not ordinary lawn mower engines. (Rodney now with a grin on his face) No? (Del) They’re broken lawn mower engines. Classic episode – what a 42 Carat plonker you really are Rodders!

    • Deon says:

      Yes the Wendy house comment is a classic!
      I’m a huge fan, got every episode ever in a box set of 27 discs. Love it so much i have jigsaw puzzles, clothing, posters, keyrings etc. I’m in New Zealand so had to order lots of stuff, have it sent to my sis in law’s house, then collect it when I came to London last year. Visited ‘Nelson Mandela House’ (Whitemead House) in Bristol while I was over that way.
      Just wondering. I have had an OFAH tattoo, can i share it somehow? Not sure how I can share it.
      Any help appreciated.

  5. Gav Cuthbertson says:

    Classic Line from Grandad (God Rest Lennard Pearce) to Rodney when being Told Rodney & Mickey Pearce were Going into the Self-Catering Holiday Trade on £200 in a Small Way – ‘What You Got – a Wendy House’. I’ve Read somewhere the Classic Line had to be Re-Shot 3 or 4 Times coz the Camera-Men Couldn’t Control the Camera’s as they were Crying with Laughter.

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