6 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Cuts – Part 2”

  1. Andrew says:

    They cut the horse shit sandwich line with the Driscoll brothers

    Can’t see how that’s offensive unless your a horse shit lover

  2. UNDERTAKER says:

    Can you advise what you mean here?

  3. Paul Hawkins says:

    The cut to Healthy Competition isnt as straight forward as just an simple audio edit (over dubbing the new music) – im currently re-editing this start scene and i intitally thought it was a simple audio edit and was using a GOLD screening and the DVD as my source material. whilst doing this i noticed an 8 second difference in the audio tracks (GOLD Vs DVD) – I began to suspect this was more complex and it is. In the first 3 minutes – 8 seconds of ‘footage’ is cut from the dvd.
    1, first cut is actually in the titles – just before the episode caption comes up – the shot of trotters van in front of NMH has 20 so frames removed due to a jump in the film (as seen on the GOLD edit). Not on the DVD after Grandads photo goes the close up of the van remains longer than usual and the zoom in shot with the caption is shortened.

    2. Shots including the Jaws theme have had the stars /ends removed – 1 second here or 2 seconds there are cut. Anyway cut a long story short -result is 8 seconds of footage is cut from the DVD as well as the Original audio being edited to.

  4. Cushty says:

    The link to the ‘Cuts weebly’ website is no longer active. Anyone able to publish that table of dvd/vhs cuts somewhere else? Ta

  5. Trig says:

    These cuts are so annoying
    Thanks Ronnie – i can wait to see the next episode

    18 minutes missing – it must be Royal Flush!


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