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  1. Paul says:

    Watched this episode last night and the sickness and wealth episode just before it… somehow I noticed the date of the séance is 31st January 1989… Rodney’s wedding register gives the date as January 25th 1989…

  2. Cushty says:

    The second time we see Del take a beating for Rodney – also see No Greater Love.

    The scene at the end of the wedding reception where the Simply Red song plays is incredibly moving.

  3. Philip Coffey says:

    Ok, it’s taken me much thinking and plenty of views of all the series, but this is it. My official favourite episode. Ever.. Here’s why:
    1: In my opinion, this series 6 was when the show peaked.
    2: The jokes, one liners and comedy is top class all through the episode.
    3: The drama is just as rich with Del making the ultimate sacrifice for his kid brother.
    4: The end of it with Del alone makes me well up everytime.
    5: The ‘Charlton’ bit. Brilliant…
    So there, I’ve done it. I’ve finally chosen.. Or have I… :D

  4. cameron says:

    I havent heard anyone else say this before so i am going to say it.
    last week i watched little problems and right at the end i noticed that when rodney runs out of the flat HE LEAVES HIS BRIEFCASE BEHIND! and doesnt come back for it and its not mentioned in the script that he miss places it and I was wondering if that was suppost to be like that? or it was simpley a mistake? this bugs me alot any comments about this subject would be very much appreciated many thanks.

    • daniel says:

      If you mean the bit when Rodney says “bloody ‘ell, she’ll go loopy” then i think he was in such a rush, that it is all part of the story. Knowing John Sullivans writing, i wouldn’t be at all surprised if he wrote it in to the script… But if you were in a rush then its the sort of thing you would do, i think he left his trouser tie things behind as well.

  5. admin says:

    ok Michael – it should be fixed for you now

  6. Michael Carpenter says:

    I wanted to look at the script but it comes up as page not found :-(, Great website by the way!

  7. admin says:

    Tony Driscoll was played by Christopher Ryan best known for his role as Mike in BBC comedy The Young Ones.

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