27 Responses to “Nicholas Lyndhurst is keen for Only Fools to return”

  1. Rob M says:

    It just cannot happen. Lets leave only fools to rest now, there cannot possibly be new episodes made when we have sadly lost: Buster Merryfield, Kenneth Mcdonald, Roger Lloyd Pack, Roy Heather, John Challis, and even the scriptwriter himself John Sullivan.

    the magic is gone. Just enjoy repeats on GOLD and watch your DVD collections

  2. Richard Harper says:

    I wish it would return too it would be Great!
    The early episodes were always the best with Grandad in.
    It kind of spoiled it when del and Rodney had their own wives.
    I think it was a big mistake.
    It would of been so much better if they’d not gone down that road.
    Anyway its not a dig at programe i just wish it would of carried on like them 1st series.

    • Jumbo Mills says:

      Same can be said about Yoko Ono spoiling the Beatles set up. Most men do grow up and take a partner at some point. It would have been a bit iffy two middle aged men sitting on the sofa in that grotty flat of an evening.

  3. Jordan Smith says:

    Only Fools and Horses should return, But the problem is David Jason is getting older and Nicholas Lyndhurst is aswell. I really do hope in the future they should come back. Because we miss the Trotter family. Or at least have Del and Raquel get married. It would be nice if they had another spin off. Which could see how Damion is coping.

    • Abu says:

      Yes it would be nice, they should do what Rodney once dreamt. Del and Damien are some rich people, Rodney and Cass as their servants. lol.

  4. adam says:

    i think should do a xmas epsiode just like red dwarf returning why not fools del as old man damien about 25 pehaps dels a grandad lol i dunno should give 3 episodes like red dwarf did and see how it goes maybe this time next year only fools and horses will be back on tv next year

    • daniel says:

      I really liked the Red Dwarf Comeback… i think they are doing even more… None of the characters had aged, i mean obviously they have aged – but they were as funny as ever, and it was a really clever story…

      If Only Fools and horses did come back, it would have to have a great story, It would need to have a strong story, with a good beginning and a nice wrapped up ending..

      I always thought that of the last three, the Gary Episode was by far the strongest, the very last episode was very dull imo…

      If it comes back, it should be just about comedy.. not about money problems and Rachel and Del arguing… – and Boycie and Marlene would need to be in it..

    • Jordan Smith says:

      Only Fools and Horses is the only comedy show i really laugh at and Red Dwarf is a load of rubbish and they should bring Only Fools and Horses back because its the best show and as for Red Dwarf to me is rubbish and shouldn’t return.

  5. mike says:

    It’s still so hard to believe that this will not be possible now.

    • Philip Coffey says:

      I’m with you Mike. Tragic. But lets keep it in perspective. Yes we’ve lost an all time greatest series and possibly more Rock and Chips, Green Green Grass and even OFAH, but the Sullivan family has just lost there beloved John. Bigger picture an all that son.

  6. Mark says:

    R.I.P John Sullivan :(

  7. Russell says:

    I think it should defintly return for a 90 min special or something like that, a chance to see joan and Damien a bit more aswell .for Christmas 2011

  8. s. gwinnett says:

    i don’t think it would harm the legacy of only fools and horses if they had one more outing for the 30th, perhaps a 80 or 90 minute special for christmas 2011, surely the BBC and john sullivan and all the actors must all be thinking it would be good to do one more, or if this is out the question, what about a green green grass christmas special with a cameo appearance’s from del,rodney,trigger,what do other fans think about this.

  9. ryan says:

    def bring it back for 30th anniversary!

  10. Ronnie says:

    Would be good to come back for on last time as a 30 minute special in 2011, could look at back at the series main events and could tie in with a new DVD as well.

  11. Peckham Spring says:

    No leave it be.I am wondering though what’s happening with green green grass , I really love that show.

  12. Simon Nash says:

    I think they would’ve been better to have left it at Time on our Hands to be honest. Although personally I like the last 3 specials. They gave us some great lines! But I think the general feeling from the ‘not we’ was that they had kind of lost something since the 1996 trilogy. Although I’d be glued to the screen of they did come back! Anyway I don’t think it’ll come back now so it’s all epidemic as Del boy would say!

  13. tom rolls says:

    i beleive it shouldnt come back in case they spoil it just leave it in case why damage a great thing

  14. caroline says:

    id love to see only fools and horses back on our screens – nicholas if your reading this i think your a great guy

  15. leigh annell says:

    I would love to see it return , Although it would be missing uncle albert , it could give the chance for Damian and even joan to get more dialogue….
    I recently wrote a screen play for my media course on my own sequal idea based on only fools and horses which involes Damian following in his old mans foot steps It was called ” Deals n thrills “..

  16. Oliver says:

    I dont think that only fools and horses ( the original show ) should return. Dont get me wrong, I am a massive fan have all the dvds and everything, but it has run its course now I feel and should be left alone to become a Real classic like Porridge, Steptoe etc. The spin off idea is cool and it would be interesting to know what happened to the characters in the 1960s but as for that they should not do anymore or they could danger it being hated.

  17. carl says:

    i so wish it did come back or this sex drugs rock’n’chips turned into a long term fing of only fools bringing it back mayb with the new people starring in it ,it wont be the same but still great fun to watch .

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