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  1. i like it very much

    from Lisa freestone

  2. Ashton says:

    R.I.P John you will be greatly missed

  3. DEREK LISTER says:

    Could someone please explain the following…..

    Joan asked Freddie to teach her some French, he quoted a saying and she repeated it again whilst having a meal at home, everybody was shocked at her. Delboy then went on to have a meal with his girlfriend and quoted what he had heard from his mother.
    What was the quote?????

    John you will sadly missed R.I.P.

  4. david john says:

    Reading some of the comments about the great John Sullivan the enormity of his loss just srtuck me, having written the greatest sitcom of all time and all of the other great work he did which we can watch over and over again i can only hope and prey that much more rock and chips have been written………….it is fantastic, if your a die hard only fools fan its even better because little things are thrown in that you remember being talked about…………Nicholas Lyndurst Plays his part to perfection, John has created a wonderful character in Freddie Robdul………..a nasty piece of work, A womanising theif yet a man with charm, and somehow you cant help but like………..its a bit like the way he can have an audience laugh and cry at the same time………….only a genuis can walk that fine line and make it work, we all know what he does, and we all know that great actors brought the characters to life, but he still wrote every word they ever said. he kept it simple, but far too complicated for anyone else to write, rock and chips had years in it, could have attraced new audiences, only fools took its time getting off the mark, although thats hard to believe its apparantly true…………its hard not to think selfishly, his work alone was worth the bbc licence fee but we must allow him to rest in peace and send our thoughts to his family…………..as hard has it must be for them it must mean so much to know that the words, Greatness, Genius, Wonderful,and Legend truly describe the man they and the rest of us have lost…….

  5. debz clarke says:

    Rock and Chips, brilliant, really enjoyed all 3 episodes. It would be a terrible shame if thit is the end of the journey. As previously stated, the frog and the pussycat did not seem to be written as a finale. If indeed this is not the end of the line it would be great as a fitting tribute to finish the series. I would love to see how the story pans out. brilliant and fascinating.

  6. The Only Fools And Horses Fan says:

    R.I.P John Sullivan you will be very sadly missed.

    • wozza says:

      just watched rock and chips,no way was that planned as a finale,obvious there was supposed to be more on the way,i bet john sullivan had more written, if he has and with his familys permission the bbc should do the right thing and make as many episodes that are written.great to see there is a whole tribute show to john sullivan on may 13th.cant think of any writers that get that,speaks volumes of the mans talent and what he has done for bbc.noticed the frog and the pussycat used a lot of reference from only fools,especially loved grandad and triggers nan,had to chuckle.(pictured the ofah episode).

  7. The Only Fools And Horses Fan says:

    Please I really hope the Only Fools And Horses prequel Rock & Chips episode The Frog And The Pussycat is not going to be final episode because I think there are still lots more stores that needs to be told about the Only Fools And Horses prequel Rock & Chips in the near future.

    Knowing about the very sad news about The Only Fools And Houses writer John Sullivan who died yesterday at the age of 64, If the Only Fools And Houses prequel Rock & Chips was going to end because of writer’s death that would be a very big shame and it would be preity low to because no one will never know about what would of happened in the story if it ended so soon.

    Maybe John Sullivan’s son Jim Sullivan should take over from John Sullivan because didn’t he write The Green Green Grass?

    If Jim Sullivan did write The Green Green Grass maybe he can be the new Only Fools And Houses prequel Rock & Chips writer and he could write some more new storylines’s and episodes for the Only Fools And Houses prequel Rock & Chips in the near future.

  8. Alex says:

    Modern day genius, akin to Shakespere. All the elements are there comdey, tragedy and pathos. Only Fools should be taught in schools along side Shakespere as it equal in cultural stature and relevance. Bonjour John. May your work live forever..

  9. Dyan says:

    You are a legend and we will always love you. I dreamt about you last night. You will live on forever. Rest in peace and my thoughts are with your family. xxxx

  10. Philip Coffey says:

    I will watch this episode on Thursday, with a heavy heart. Gone is a genius we only see once every two hundred years. A writing God. John, you’ll never know the happiness you gave me, and millions of others. RIP great man.

  11. stephen gwinnett says:

    very sad day in the world of only fools and horses with death of john sullivan, i don’t think we will ever see another comedy writer like john sullivan ever again, no more only fools, green green grass, rock & chips, R I P.

  12. Meera D says:

    A big shock to hear the sad news…thank you for giving us the greatest sitcom of all time!

    Rest in Peace

  13. Mark S says:

    Dear John, I didn’t know you personally but it feels as if I have lost a member of my family. Your writing was impeccable and you taught me how to really laugh. You also showed how how to smile in the most terrible of circumstances, something that was so evident in your writing. You will be sadly missed. You brought many smiles and laughter to the faces and hearts of millions. We will miss you.

  14. John L says:

    RIP John Sullivan.

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