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  1. Dave says:

    According to Jim Sullivan’s wiki page,he has written his own Sitcom so we may see it in the next couple of years, and he is also likely to continue with Rock & Chips!!


  2. Jay Davies says:

    Yes Jim Sullivan has written at least five ‘Green green grass’episodes and for him to continue his fathers work must be the way forward. I think we can assume John must have written plot lines for the remaining episodes of rock and chips and most certainly his son would have been involved in the process. Fingers crossed!!! I am a huge ofah fan but I hated Green green grass with a passion as I did the ofah episodes after they became millionaires, Rock and Chips has been terrific and back to the true form…it must continue!!

  3. jakob says:

    sadly given the terrible ratings for last nights episode, i don’t think the BBC will be commissioning any more episodes. Coming third, being beaten in the ratings by both ITV and Channel 4 isn’t good at all.

    BBC1 21:00- Rock and Chips: 3.37m (14.1%)
    ITV1 21:00- Long Lost Family: 4.01m (16.8%)
    Channel 4 21:00- Big Fat Royal Gypsy Weddings: 3.946m (16.5%)

  4. Tony Sadler says:

    I’d be amazed if John Sullivan hadn’t already written lots of Rock & Chips material before he sadly passed away as i heard it was always his intention to do more. There’s so many back stories that have been mentioned in OFAH that it would be a shame if we didn’t see them brought to the screen.

  5. Adam Tanner says:

    Such a brilliant episode its such a shame John Sullivan has passed, but this was a great final show. R.I.P John Sullivan

  6. Pete Manning says:

    Sadly with John’s passing it looks like this will be the last installment of the OFAH legacy….no more Green Green Grass, no more Rock N Chips…and nothing new from the comic master….truly a sad time.

    • Brandon says:

      I know, It really does suck!

      People have suggested other people write it and I was basically saying ‘What!?’ It wouldn’t be the same without John writing it, It wouldn’t have the same touch…

      I’m dreading someone is going to attempt to get another writer and carry it on…:/

    • Philip Coffey says:

      It really does make his passing all the more tragic. Rock and Chips was warming up to be every bit as loved and revered as OFAH. So let’s just sit back and enjoy this last ever piece of the OFAH Universe as we know and love it.

  7. JPDEEJAY says:

    Please please please more Rock and Chips!!!

    RIP John Sullivan


  8. The Only Fools And Horses Fan says:

    Please I really hope the Rock & Chips episode The Frog And The Pussycat is not going to be final episode because I think there are still lots more stores that need to be told about Rock & Chips in the near future.

    Knowing about the very sad death of The Only Fools And Houses writer John Sullivan who died yesterday at the age of 64, If Rock & Chips was going to end because of John Sullivan’s death that would be very big shame because no one will never know about what would of happened in the story if it ended so soon.

    Maybe John Sullivan’s son Jim Sullivan should take over from John Sullivan because dint he write The Green Green Grass?

    If Jim Sullivan did write The Green Green Grass maybe he can be the new Rock & Chips writer and he write some more Rock & Chips episodes in the near future.

  9. Philip Coffey says:

    The news I’ve waited for!!! I am buzzing that there’s another installment on the way Zane. I am hoping that it’s the last one-off before the official season one of Rock and Chips hits our screens before Christmas. Wouldn’t that be lovely jubbly??

    On another OFAH note, I bought two polo shirts toaday for 8euros. Black and Navy. Went to local printers, had them put ‘Nags Head Peckham’ in red lettering on them.. 6.50 each!! They are super! Even had her do it like Mikes writing on his Jumper. Wearing it as I write this!!! Cushty.. Now bring on Rock and Chips!!!!

    • Brandon says:

      Hey Phillip, I’d love if there would be seasons to instead of just one offs, actually having episodes every couple of weeks would be awesome. And as the seasons progress we see Del and Rodney growing up their mom dieing etc..I’d just love to see these moments on screen!

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