8 Responses to “Only Fools and Mugs”

  1. Lindsay Davies says:

    Hi, just been on google social search for winners in my name and this has come up..I never did receive my winning mug…..guess it now too late……??

  2. Lindsay Davies says:

    Hi thank you for your reply, my junk/spam filtering support is currently off, so no emails. :-(

    Can she phone me at this number please 01978359117 or text me on this mobile 07815957607. Thank you.

  3. Lindsay Davies says:

    Hi, not sure if i have won this great mug..I remember entering it and see my name up on the list..and so far not heard anything as yet?

    Best regards,

    Lindsay Davies

  4. Stefan says:

    +44 (0) 1926 818 800

    ED: Thanks Stefan but Only Fools and Mugs is closed

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