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  1. Bernard Mann says:

    Would help if a phone number was handy so as too call you for a chat I live in Fleetwood best wishes

  2. Markus Lier says:

    Let me start by saying that I have absolutely no clue whatsoever about ‘Only Fools And Horses’. Being a German living in Germany I have never seen an episode of the show in my live (as of today). What I did see however is a funny looking yellow car in a backyard of my neighborhood. Curious as I am I googled the lettering “Trotters Independent Trading Company”, only to learn that it refers to your much beloved TV show.

    Equipped with this knowledge I was able to find this blog and this entry, and I would like to utilize it to ask the question that I have in mind ever since I came across the aforementioned vehicle:

    Assuming that this specimen over here is not an original production prop, how would I identify a decent replica of the shows signature tricycle? And by “decent” I mean that it would be of interest to a fan/collector of OFAH.

    Enlightening comments on the subject would be very much appreciated!

  3. Griff says:

    I am loving this idea… but the amount charged is ridiculous (with all due respect)

    I recently rang around trying to get quotes to hire the Reliant Regal for simply an hour or so and the amount people want is stupid.

    I understand supply & demand etc, but I am not prepared to be done up like a kipper!

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