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  1. Adam wadforth says:

    Does anyone know if the cafe featured in hull and back called Dockside still exists when they arrived in Hull. I’m from Hull and love fools and horses just something trying to find out or what street it was down?

  2. Alan synnuck says:

    What was the name of the oil rig in to hull and back ,please

  3. Pukka pies says:

    Ya’ll must have been to Margate!!

  4. Bryan Davis says:

    In ‘A Hole In One’, when Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert (in a wheelchair), leave court, the building is Kingston Upon Thames County Court, in St James’ Road, Kingston Upon Thames. They walk towards A307 Kingston Hall Road.

    • Eugene says:

      That is correct and across the road from the courthouse is the Lever Faberge head office where I used to work

  5. Matt says:

    In “Chain Gang” (s6e3), the restaurant where Arnie is supposed to be meeting his contact to sell the chains is a place called Gilbey’s on The Grove (corner with Oxford Road) in Ealing, London W5.

    Used to have Sunday lunch there a lot when I lived in Chiswick.


    • MikeC says:

      And the Indian restaurant (“Tandoori Nights”) where Denzel and his brothers go to meet Arnie later in the episode is on Kings Street, near Ravenscourt Park tube. The inside where Arnie sits is actually used as the waiting area for people collecting a take-away. The shot of Arnie’s two sons waiting around the corner was actually filmed just around the corner from there (but there was no reason for it to be!).

      I used to live and work near there and one day on my way to work I saw the infamous three-wheeled Reliant Regal Supervan (note, NOT robin Reliant!) being transported, presumably to the BBC at nearby White City.

  6. Arthur Boy says:

    I live in Romania now. In my free time I like to sample pre-blessed wine.

  7. leon says:

    albert dock was the dock in hull where they were sailing out of …also if you had of gone to paull and spurn point you would of seen the point where denzel sat when he saw del boy on the boat in the river humber

  8. Richard S says:

    The scene from ‘A Frog’s Legacy’ where Rodney is a Chief Mourner and leads the funeral cortege the wrong way up a one way street was filmed in Rectory Road in Ipswich, a road that I walk down every weekend on my way into town. You can still see Stoke church in the background today. The preceding market scene was filmed in Seymour Road which is just off Rectory Road. The wedding reception scene from the same episode was filmed at Helmingham Hall which is about 5 miles or so north of Ipswich.

  9. roll the dice says:

    i am roll the dice and i have done several old n new shots from fools and horses…….not sure how old that article is `above`as i has seen it before and i believe he has stopped his flickr account……..

  10. Alex says:

    What happened to clarks flickr page? It no longer exists
    Can anyone tell me why and if he wants to make a new un because i used to enjoy taking the odd look at some of the locations he had.

  11. Richard says:

    RE Your search for the market alley location in Salisbury filmed in “A Royal Flush”

    It used to be located just off Tollgate Road just behind The Railway Tavern pub, it used to be a line of very large garages with huge, green painted, wooden double doors.
    The building used to be railway sheds to store coal. At the time of filming the building belonged to an agricultural company, the garages rented out to local residents, one of which was rented by my parents.
    Sadly the building was demolished several years ago and is now making way for modern flats etc

    Hope this of use to you

  12. Alex Brown says:

    Some good pictures there.

    I have taken some pictures of my own, which are availiable on Flickr. So far i’ve photographed some locations in London, Margate and Broadstairs.


  13. Ross Ewing says:

    What is Ricks Flickr page? Can we view more of these pictures?

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