4 Responses to “Modern Men”

  1. MysteryBidder says:

    In relation to “In a scene of a few seconds you don’t even see him put the glove on!” In the original script the scene was longer, so dialogue has been cut explaining the mysterious glove coming off.

  2. Mystery Bidder says:

    When Raquel answers the phone in the bedroom watch closely, you can see someone/something going past on the left side mirror.

  3. Dan says:

    A strange edit in this episode on Netflix,they removed the laughter/clapping at the end of the episode where Del hits the drunk man and says, ‘bet you wish you’d gone private now don’t ya?’ to the elderly couple.

    It’s a pretty bad edit as the sound messes up at the end, it seems for some reason they didn’t want a laughtrack to play when Del hit the person and walked off, but i’m not sure why they edited that one scene.

    Anyone any ideas?

    • Griff says:

      I thought this too, Dan.

      Very, very strange why they cut certain things from the show.

      There is literally no logical reason why they’d remove the laughter.

      Do they not want to applaud ‘violence’ or something? Which wouldn’t make sense given this is a comedy, where the lead character is punching a stupid drunk abusing hospital staff and patients + it’s on Netflix so not as if it’s going to affect a ‘live audience’.

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