13 Responses to “Trotters Loved Football”

  1. finchley says:

    Rodney might have been a Chelsea fan (typical of a sociallist ‘sportin’ a posh team)…but I cannot remember *any* episode that gave an inkling that Del even cared about sport. He only cared about keeping the family above water by earning! (If earning = a million or more so-be-it…’sall good.) Neither doucheba…er, uh, Rodney, nor Grandad could do it, mind.

  2. David says:

    I thought del supported Chelsea because I swear in one episode that some one couldn’t get him a ticket to Chelsea

  3. Terence Maxwell says:

    Rodney did go to grammar school he says it in a episode

  4. Steve says:

    Does anyone know where I can a scarf like Grandads’.

    Cheers . Steve

  5. Rob disney says:

    Del is a chelsea fan because in the episode its only rock and roll, Del says his mate is a doorman down at chelsea but he can’t get him a game.

  6. Martyn Barber says:

    Andrew is correct 100% Del was a Millwall fan. Although he slagged them off he did say he wanted them to win the Cup, wouldn’t say that if you didn’t support them.

    • Harry1994 says:

      I agree, but on the other hand, in one of the earlier episodes Del says ‘Stone me Rodney, a Millwall fan could have worked that one out!’ That doesnt sound like someone who supports them.

  7. john says:

    There is a trotter playing for millwall now liam.

  8. peter.manning@embarcadero.com.embarc says:


  9. Phil Park says:

    I thought he said FA Cup & was taking the mick out of Granddad, could be wrong though, great pictures :-)

  10. James says:

    They often talk about Chelsea…and Del Boy always mentions Jimmy Greaves when Rodney brings it up :P

    Rodney Charlton Trotter…cos his Mum was a Charlton fan

  11. Andrew says:

    Del does state in an episode that he was hoping Millwall would win the UEFA Cup, so he was probably a Lions fan

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