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  1. Jamie (lunadigy) says:

    Old article I know but:

    -Grandad was a Crystal Palace fan in real life, and the scarf hanging up in the flat was his idea (later it was scrapped when the show got more known for some reason).

    -Reg Trotter was a Millwall fan as is said by Grandad in the first episode.

    -Del and Rodney supported Chelsea as shown starting from “The Long Legs of the Law” when they talk about a match in the first appearance of Sid’s Cafe – also notably the only time the cafe appeared in a non-Special episode.

    -Del and Grandad both hated Millwall, as proven by Grandad’s aforementioned line in the first episode (take the full context and the way the line is delivered into consideration), and Del’s occasional comments about “Millwall fans” being dense.

    -Joan supported Charlton Athletic and named Rodney after the club, above words I wrote possibly explain Rodney’s embarrassment over it overall.

    Should answer everything :)

  2. finchley says:

    Rodney might have been a Chelsea fan (typical of a sociallist ‘sportin’ a posh team)…but I cannot remember *any* episode that gave an inkling that Del even cared about sport. He only cared about keeping the family above water by earning! (If earning = a million or more so-be-it…’sall good.) Neither doucheba…er, uh, Rodney, nor Grandad could do it, mind.

  3. David says:

    I thought del supported Chelsea because I swear in one episode that some one couldn’t get him a ticket to Chelsea

  4. Terence Maxwell says:

    Rodney did go to grammar school he says it in a episode

  5. Steve says:

    Does anyone know where I can a scarf like Grandads’.

    Cheers . Steve

  6. Rob disney says:

    Del is a chelsea fan because in the episode its only rock and roll, Del says his mate is a doorman down at chelsea but he can’t get him a game.

  7. Martyn Barber says:

    Andrew is correct 100% Del was a Millwall fan. Although he slagged them off he did say he wanted them to win the Cup, wouldn’t say that if you didn’t support them.

    • Harry1994 says:

      I agree, but on the other hand, in one of the earlier episodes Del says ‘Stone me Rodney, a Millwall fan could have worked that one out!’ That doesnt sound like someone who supports them.

  8. john says:

    There is a trotter playing for millwall now liam.

  9. peter.manning@embarcadero.com.embarc says:


  10. Phil Park says:

    I thought he said FA Cup & was taking the mick out of Granddad, could be wrong though, great pictures :-)

  11. James says:

    They often talk about Chelsea…and Del Boy always mentions Jimmy Greaves when Rodney brings it up :P

    Rodney Charlton Trotter…cos his Mum was a Charlton fan

  12. Andrew says:

    Del does state in an episode that he was hoping Millwall would win the UEFA Cup, so he was probably a Lions fan

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