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  1. peter brown says:

    What about if del boy goes under cover on this time next year i will be a secret millionaire… or who wants to be a millioniare quiz show

  2. Mike@NH says:

    What about if Del went on Deal or no Deal?

    Lots of great things could happen there!!!

  3. Matthew says:

    How about Del on Come Dine With Me?

  4. Michael says:

    Personally I think I would like to see a Celebrity Death Match claymation of Del Boy and Rodney vs Steptoe and Son. As far as what they could pitch something faulty Theo breaks in a second and doesn’t work how about the Reliant Regal Supervan prototype.

  5. golden says:

    new idea could be selling blow up dolls

  6. Goldcrest says:

    Del could be selling the idea of the blow up dolls, and that they are like no other on the market. Rodney could be trying to blow one up as the model has deflated and before we know it there has been an explosion on the set. The Dragons dens team and the Trotters are all covered in smoke as an end scene….

  7. JAMES says:

    Del Boy should pitch ‘Peckham Spring Water’ to the dragons and use its ability to glow in the dark as a selling point. (So you can find it at night!!!)

  8. Joe Soper says:

    There could really only be one thing that he could pitch to the Dragon’s Den…. Trigger finaly perfects his pocket backscratcherwith the patent in Del’s name as mentioned in “If They Could See Us Now”.

    It would of course create a bidding war between the dragons until Del decides to get a little greedy (with Rodney looking on in horror tugging at Del’s sleeve and telling him to shut up….) and winds up alienating all the dragons and walking away with nothing…

    • sqlartist says:

      Great memory Joe ! I would like to think that Del surprises us, and gets his idea actually funded by the dragons, but when they do the follow up program – it turns out to be a complete shambles :)

      Another thought I had would be for Del to say he would do a better job than one of the Dragons and they give him a chance to be one of them. He of course gives the advice we all know and love

  9. liam says:

    thanks for the ideas. join this page on facebook for hope that it will get reconition by the bbc

  10. sqlartist says:

    Del could pitch to the Dragons’ a new investment opportunity where they can each own a piece of his significant other – Raquel who is a famous actress who then has to give a demonstration of her *amazing* acting :) Like a timeshare but for his own wife. This would allow the undertone of Del actually pimping out Raquel but he hasnt even considered that viewpoint. The fact that she gave a nervous performance and what would happen if the dragons were to invest and she got pregant. would the ownership also include the baby?

  11. sqlartist says:

    It would also be great to see Del or Rodney pitch to Dave Gorman’s Genius programme :)

    As for the Dragons Den, I envisge Del pitching with Rodney as his model (like in the Winter Ski wear ep) or as the finanical advisor. Del actually surprises us with an out of character amazing idea, but when the dragons specfically ask Rodney for the forecast projections it turns into a shambles.

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