3 Responses to “The Granary”

  1. Carson King says:

    The Grannery was only used as the big picture. The actual bar they walked in to and he fell through the bar was underneath Habitat in Clifton.

  2. Darren Lovett says:

    Hi Griff

    After a lot of research and pausing the dvd quite a few times and taking photos of every single angle possible, i walked round the building to find the stairs, quite easy to find and I even walked down the stairs.
    Also the front door to the Granary can also be seen as the entrance to the Casino in “Fatal Extraction”


  3. Griff says:

    I live reltively close to Bristol and have walked past this street a fair few times but can’t remember seeing the actual steps that Del and Rodney use to enter the underground bar. (I know the bar is seperate location/studio) but there still is steps somewhere! I see that Darren photographed the steps but the distance shots don’t show you where abouts this entry is.

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